Thursday, 22 November 2012


       So yeah, this is me. Qina, 14 years old girl. I likes to stay in bedroom and talk alone with my camera. That's normal. I like to eat, i'm a foodlover. I'm a biggest fan of One Direction... THEY. ARE.SO.FUC*ING.CUTE.ASDFGHJKL. I am belieber too:) Yeaaa still here.

       It is so funny to ask a follow back from my boyfriends (One Direction) ;) And yeah, back to my story. I like blue, red and purple colour.  You can see there, my room walls is purple :D I like Pop, R&B, and Jazz. My birthday is 22 august 1998 and born at HBKL.

       I live at Kajang, before kajang i live at kuala lumpur. I move to kajang because my dad already buy a house there. My favorite food is TomYam, and i also like McDonald. I like to drink Ice Lemon Tea and Mountain Dew, Im kinda active in sport. I played basketball, athletic and handball.

       When i was boring i like to watch tv, texting, surfing internet.. wait.. I surf internet everyday-_- nevermind. and go out with friends. I like to hang out with boys more because they're less drama, but girls can hear our story and give advice.

       I like to sing, dance, and doing crazy things with my idiot friends. I hate school, i hates book, i hate blood, im afraid of elevator. And i like to eat ice. I laugh like crazy a girl, i eat like Niall, i swear like Louis, i speak really, I am so slow at reading books and i don't know why. I fail at cleaning house but i love to cook :D Qina x